About Molly's Trolleys

West Palm Beach's Official Trolleys

Since 1998, Molly’s Trolleys have served West Palm Beach and South Florida with their vintage 1920’s style enclosed trolleys.

These fully enclosed and air-conditioned trolleys are perfect for events, weddings, corporate transportation and also provide transportation for the city of West Palm Beach.

Operated by John Critchett & Paget Kirkland (pictured) since 2018, John and Paget bring their years of experience in the transportation and event industry to Molly’s Trolleys while continuing to operate Palm Beach Tours and Transportation and Kirkland Event and Destination Services.  

In 2019, Molly’s Trolleys joined the Hoffmann Family of Companies, further expanding their resources and dedication to providing quality and excellence in customer service, high standards and a commitment to integrity  

Why choose Molly's Trolleys?

There are many reasons to choose Molly’s Trolleys! 
  • 20 Years’ Transportation Experience
  • Immaculate Trolleys
  • Licensed & Insured Company
  • Professional and Caring Drivers
  • Great References
However, the most important reason you should choose Molly’s is our team of employees dedicated to excellent customer service, high standards, and a commitment to doing business with integrity. We consider our business as a total team effort where each player must do their part to achieve the highest level of service.  For every event we do, our Trolley Team consists of five main players
  • The office (sales call)
  • The trolley mechanics
  • The trolley cleaner
  • The operations person
  • and finally, the trolley drivers
Each of these components creates a total product.  All five components must be working effectively to achieve high quality service.

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